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Ines Mondon-Ford

Documenting weather phenomenon and my close relationship with Nature in general, was, without doubt, the basis on which my passion for nature photography could grow. A passion which has become the central point of my life. My Images are neither meant as a simple representation or documentation but rather a view of nature at its most perfect, at its most aesthetic, as I see it – they are my view of the world. Often pastel like, occasionally strongly coloured, and sometimes abstract, they should hold forever a single fleeting moment and feeling in time, which will captivate and entrance the viewer. The focus of my nature photography has always been the exquisite beauty of a butterfly or tiny flower or the fine details of water and ice, whereby images that appear to cross the border between photography and painting hold a particular fascination for me.

The attention to the tiniest detail, the play of colour and form of the smallest subject, were, perhaps paradoxically, the perfect preparation for my journey into the world of astrophotography. A new world, where the subjects are large beyond imagination and so faint that they are not visible to the naked eye and yet attention to the tiniest detail of colour and form are so important.  The idea of photographing something that is thousands of lightyears away and bring the faintest details to life, appears to me to be almost magic. Just as colour, form and structure and their interaction, play such a critical role in terrestrial photography, so it is with astrophotography. In the almost infinite reaches of the universe there are just so many colours and structures of breath-taking beauty.

Astrophotography was and is a huge challenge for me.  Not just in terms of the technical skills that are required, but also understanding what it means to be capturing light that has required thousands or indeed millions of years to reach the camera sensor. Birthing grounds for new stars; strange nebula and supernova remnants, with their great swathes of gas and dust; gigantic clusters of stars and galaxies, all are fascinating subjects.  Just as with my macrophotography, here too the final result should captivate and emotionally touch the viewer.  Creativity and a good feel for motive, composition and presentation are just as important as with terrestrial photography.

In April 2015 my first book was published, followed by a second in 2019, in which the reader will gain a much deeper perspective to my way of working and my view of the world around us. I regularly hold workshops and give lectures on nature photography and I am a Brand Ambassador for Sigma Deutschland. Just as with my nature photography, I use SIGMA cameras for my astrophotography.

My Skills


A photographic journey into the magic of our universe with fascination, enthusiasm and humbleness ...

Nature Photography

Bringing the singular perfection of nature, in all its beauty, as I see it, into an extraordinary photograph.

Creative Design

A love of detail; a feel for light, colour and perspective ...


Patience, creativity and passion are key to success ...

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Brand Ambassadors, SIGMA Germany
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