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Mark James Ford

Beauty is there, waiting to be found, in all things …

Striving for perfection at every point of the creative process, no aspect of the representation of an image is left to chance. In no other branch of the arts does an understanding of the physical and chemical processes involved play such an important role as with photography. In terrestrial photography, many aspects contribute to a final image: The motif itself; the format; the atmosphere; the time of day and the resulting colours and their representation. Astrophotography pushes this understanding of the physical processes behind image acquisition and the processing skills necessary to complete an image, to the limit.

Through 25 years of developing my photographic and post production skills, from my trademark wide panoramas of cities or landscapes, to the colours and structures to be found in the minutiae of nature, all of which have found their way into many private and business collections, it has always been the awe inspiring beauty of the natural world as I perceive it, which has driven my work. 

I have always pushed the representation of an image to its artistic limits,  with a creative focus on the details and sometimes vibrant colours that excite me.  Capturing the interplay of subject and light, so often key with terrestrial photography, is fundamental for astrophotography: Here, stellar birthing grounds drive the illumination of vast swathes of dust and gas and Super Nova Remnants of almost unimaginable scale are wonderfully lit by the remains of the star of which they were once part.  

What the camera and telescope allow me to see and feel and how this can be represented in a final image, drive my contribution to Astrophotography.Art.

I am a long time user of a range of cameras and lenses from the house SIGMA and a Brand Ambassador for SIGMA Germany.

My Skills


Light, colour and form blend together in a unique view of our universe ...

Nature Photography

From the abstract interplay of light and shape to the subtlest colours of a delicate flower ...

Post Production

25+ years of highly respected post production experience, means there is still something new to learn ...

Creative Design

To see what everyone could see, yet to think what nobody else has thought, a photograph does not simply happen ...

Why Choose Astrophotography.Art

Assured Qualtiy
Tried and trusted by public and gallery owners.
A picture from us is a little bit special.
unique vision
Enjoy our view of the universe around us.
fostering knowledge
50 years of photographic experience.
Lectures, workshops and tutorials by arrangement.
Perfect Harmony
Precision equipment and skilled use:
Both are tried and tested to their limits.
Trusted Professionals
Brand Ambassadors, SIGMA Germany
Dark Sky Workshops
On location in Croatia.
No internet, no network: No distractions.
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