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Vela SNR (Detail)

In stock

RCW 29 is the designation of a set of fine Hydrogen-alpha and Oxygen-III emission filaments related to the supernova remnant Puppis A.


Recommended size: 67 x 54 cm (W x H), Edition: 1


The photograph is mounted on matt acrylic, with a thin black, matt aluminium frame border with an aluminium hanging frame added behind the picture (see Description).

Free Delivery (Europe)
See description for T&C
Recommended Size

The Vela Supernova Remnant is a an exceptionally large structure (spanning ca. 8° of the night sky) which resulted from a Type II supernova explosion approximately 11.000 years ago.  The details in the image result from hydrogen-alpha (red), sulphur-II (yellow) and oxygen-III (blue) emissions.

Recommended size: 67 x 54 cm (W x H), Edition: 1

sizes shown is the recommended picture size and is the size available for direct purchase.  In an exhibition or gallery the image may be displayed up to a size of 125 x 100cm. This size is available as a special purchase in place of the recommended 78 x 52 cm, contact us for more details.

Paper: Fuji Crystal DP II photographic paper meets our most demanding standards. It is crisp, brilliant, and the colours are luminous. We rely on its combination of ultra-modern laser technology and traditional photochemical development. Fuji Crystal DP II is Fujicolour’s leading photo paper for gallery photographs. This photo paper is non-fade for at least 75 years.

Acrylic Laminate: The astrophotograph is mounted under 2 mm (1/16 in.) of matt acrylic glass, backed with 1/8 in. (3 mm) of aluminum Dibond. It is low in weight,  provides reliable stability and is easy to hang. Whilst matt acrylic provides an enhanced appearance of depth and the photo’s colour is increased and intensified, it is itself subtle and understated with every slightest mirror effect being eliminated. It is particularly suitable for pictures with a high black content such as astrophotographs.

Frame: The matt black, slim frame is an all-round fantastic finishing touch for our astrophotographs. The frame’s small width and depth bring out the best in the image, without drawing attention to the frame itself. At just 1 mm (0,03 in.), the image has a clearly defined, yet subtle border with a matt finish. The frame does not align exactly with the acrylic, meaning that the artwork protrudes 1.5 mm (0,05 in.) out of the frame for a stunning visual effect.

Hanging: On the rear side of the image there will be a two piece aluminium rail for a vertical edge of up to 50cm or a complete aluminium frame for larger sizes. This hanging frame is compatible with gallery rails.

Delivery: Manufacture will begin following confirmed receipt of payment.  Anticipated delivery should be ca. 2 weeks (Europe) or ca. 3 weeks (outside Europe).

We would also like to point out the following: The papers, chemicals and other materials used in the manufacturing processes may change slightly over time. In particular, changes may occur over time due to high temperatures, high humidity – or high fluctuations thereof – as well as solar radiation. In order for you to enjoy our astrophotographs for an extended time, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight in whole or in part, nor hung directly over heaters, nor exposed to humidity levels exceeding those of normal residential spaces. Accordingly, the astrophotographs on sale here are not suitable for outdoor spaces, basements, bathrooms and kitchens. Acrylic glass is very sensitive to scratches and stains and should therefore only be handled with gloves or comparable protection.

You are advised to read the Terms And Conditions prior to placing an order.

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