The Iris Nebula, is a small reflection nebula in the middle of a large area of dust and dark nebula, which could be captured nicely under the dark sky of the Extremadura, Spain.  The Nebula lies near the constellation of Cephus. The designation NGC 7023 actual refers to an open cluster embedded within the nebula. The nebula itself, with a magnitude of 6.8  is illuminated by the magnitude 7.4 star, HD200775. To the left of the Iris Nebula is the small Ghost Nebula, VdB 4141, and the red star that lies between them is T Cephei, a Mira variable (Magnitude 5.2 to 11.3 with a period of 388 days)

Celestron RASA11
10Micron GM1000 HPS
SIGMA fp L (monochrome)
L,R,G and B broadband filters
3 hrs, ISO 400, F2.2, 620mm 

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