A group of galaxies from the constellation of Sextans, NGC 3169 (right) and NGC 3166 (middle) are an interacting pair separated by ca. 160.000 light years.  The interaction has distorted NGC 3166.  NGC 3169 is an unbarred spiral galaxy with an active galactic core, asymmetrical spiral arms and a large surrounding halo. The small galaxy above NGC 3166 is NGC 3165. The images was completed using data from a remote hosting facility in Chile and is part of the “Klein & Fein” showcase.

Planwave CDK24 / Planewave CDK 17
PW L600 / Software Bisque Paramount ME
Moravian C3-61000 Pro 7 / SBIG STXL11002 (with AO)
L,R,G and B filters
ca. 35 hrs, Gain 0/2750, F6.5/F6.8, 3962/2939 mm

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