The Omega Nebula or Messier 17, M17, is between 5,000 and 6,000 light-years from Earth and it spans some 15 light-years in diameter. The cloud of interstellar matter in the constellation of Sagittarius of which this nebula is a part is roughly 40 light-years in diameter and has a mass of 30,000 solar masses. The total mass of the Omega Nebula is an estimated 800  solar masses.

It is considered one of the brightest and most massive star-forming regions of our galaxy. Its local geometry is similar to the Orion Nebula except that it is viewed edge-on rather than face-on. The open cluster NGC 6811 is embedded within the nebula and is responsible for the light emission. The image is part of the “Colours” showcase and was completed using data from a remote hosting facility in Chile. 

Planwave CDK17
Software Bisque Paramount ME
SBIG STXL11002 (with AO)
L,R,G,B, H-alpha, S-II and  O-III filters
ca. 16.5 hrs, Gain 0/2750, F6.8, 2939mm 

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