RCW 58 is a ring of H-alpha and O-III nebulosity surrounding a WN 8 star.  It has a highly unusual structure with the fine curls, filaments and eddies that are visible in the hydrogen-alpha emissions showing different radial velocities. This behaviour is reminiscent of that shown for NGC 6164 / NGC 6165, the designations of central nebulosity that make up the Dragon’s Eye Nebula (see images on this site: here and here). A fine outer film of blue O-III emission is visible. it has been shown that the central star, visible in the image, displays small periodic radial velocity variations, such that it may have a compact companion.  This would mean the visible WN 8 star would be a second-generation Wolf-Rayet star during the evolution of a binary system. 

Planwave CDK24
PW L600
Moravian C3-61000 Pro
R,G,B, H-alpha and OIII filters
ca. 10 hrs, Gain 0/2750, F6.5, 3962mm

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