The Tadpole Nebula, designated IC 410, is an emission nebula located in the constellation of Auriga. It is located 12,400 ly from earth with an apparent size of 11 arcminutes. The nebula is named after the two formations which can be seen in the upper part of the image. For this image the sulphur-II emission is colour-mapped to yellow, differentiating it from the neighbouring hydrogen-alpha emission areas. The oxygen-III emission provides the colour variation in the center of the nebula.  The nebula contains a young (ca. 4 million years old) star cluster (NGC 1893).

Celestron RASA 11″ 
10Micron GM1000 HPS 
SIGMA fp (monochrome) / SIGMA TC1411
H-alpha / O-III / S-II ultra-fast narrowband filters
30 x 30 sec., ISO 1600, F3.1, 868mm 

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