An absolutely beautiful little nebula that requires long focal lengths to capture adequately. It is a very complex planetary nebula with two clearly defined lobes that are rapidly expanding (at periphery ca. 600km/s).  It lies in the constellation of Scorpius  and is believed to be the result of an eruptive event some 1900 years ago. The central star, which is not visible in the image due to the dusty lane that separates the two lobes, is one of the hottest stars known. The images was completed using data from a remote hosting facility. The image is part of the “Klein & Fein” showcase.

Planwave CDK17
Software Bisque Paramount ME
SBIG STXL11002 (with AO)
R,G,B, H-alpha and  O-III filters
ca. 16 hrs, Gain 0/2750, F6.8, 2939mm 

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