The second image from the 2023 tour to the Rhön. Whilst seeing was not as good as we had hoped, we were still able to capture the faint Clamshell Nebula, Sh2 119, shown here. This faint emission nebula in the constellation of Cygnus, is often overlooked due to its proximity to the much brighter North America and Pelican Nebulae. The Pearl in the middle of the Clamshell is 68 Cygni, a 5th magnitude blue giant. Being part of the North America Nebula complex it is approximately 2000 ly distant. Taken with a single dual-band filter the lighter areas of the image are from the oxygen-III emission. 

TS94EDPH (with Reducer)
10Micron GM1000 HPS
SIGMA fp L (colour)
Optolong L-Extreme filter
ca. 3 hrs, ISO 1600, F4.4, 414mm 

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