Another Summer Nebulae combination (in the Northern Hemisphere), the Lagoon Nebula, M8 or NGC 6533, a bright Nebula (one of the few visible to the naked eye) in the constellation of Sagittarius and the Trifid Nebula, M20 or NGC 6514. The Lagoon Nebula lies 4100 ly distant and has an apparent magnitude of 4.6. A wonderful target to photograph, it contains much detail and many fine structures.  The Trifid Nebula is a rather unusual target since it contains a hydrogen emission nebula component (red), a reflection nebula (blue) and a dark nebula. The full colour camera have captured these components very nicely and, combined with some subtle colour separation in the Lagoon Nebula, lead to the very gentle composition shown here. 

TS94EDPH (with Reducer)
10Micron GM1000 HPS
SIGMA fp L (colour)
Optolong L-Extreme filter
ca. 2 hrs, ISO 1600, F4.4, 414mm

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